Complete Notes on Arcane Archers

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Complete Notes on Arcane Archers Empty Complete Notes on Arcane Archers

Post  Isendel on Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:16 pm

So my pathetic friend... is there anything that you can do well?
Do you really want to become an Arcane Archer? Really? You have much to learn...
Well, take this book. *throws book at the apprentice*
Maybe you can learn some secrets from the notes of the Zen Archers of our Order
And if that's not enough go and search the city Library by yourself!

1. The steps of the Arcane Archer
1.1 The early days

Begin with mundane bows and arrows.

Vendor for Archers: Loras. Found in Crossed Blades Castle, he has a special selection of items for ranged attacks. He sells Arcane Quivers for 500k gold, and they are paramount!

The Sniper Longbow drops at Plane of the Elderkind and the Steel Longbow at Plane of Carnelian. They are very good bows for a start.

As for armors, the Shroud of Cuprous can be used for a while, but the Horizon Walker set is the one to be looked for. It is found in chests inside the Golem's Fortress at Deep Places (armor and helm). Maybe some help will be needed to reach them.

1.2 The training

Loras can restring Steel Bows with a Demon Gut, which improves the bow significantly.

At least 3 Arcane Quivers are good to have at this point.

As for the other equipment, a sort of Celestial, Demonic and the ones gathered from the Elderkind planes are good to be used.

A good Arcane Archer knows how to use the environment at his favour. Staying at the corners, using bridges and other obstacles and performing a Hail of Arrows is a common technique.

Storing damage shield spells from scrolls on Keys of Despair sequencer's is also a good practice, dealing more damage on monsters that eventually hit you.

1.3 The experienced archer

Horizon Walker set can be improved with Justin, at the Crafter's Guild in Mithrilfin (need Mithril gift count at 1000 to enter the building). Items:
- 1 Ward Against Elements dagger (got from Sonja Deepforge turning a Baroness Petra head, from Smokey's Caverns; 600 Mithril gift count needed)
- 1 Mirror of Lore (drops always at the DP University Library: Dark and randomly at Prison of the Cursed)
- 3 million gold

Level 30 char, at least 20 AA: Lesser Elf Bow - quest item got at The High Forest, north of the Owl's Woods. Quest is given at the shack by Delawyn Selin, to kill the Beast at the same High Forest. Very hard, help will be needed.

2. When arrows become nukes

The so desired mithril arrows...

To get Mithril Arrows in addition to the ordinary arrows from the Arcane Quiver, talk to Gronce Ironbright at the Foundry (300 Mithril gift count needed). Items:
- 5 Mithril Nuggets
- 12 million gold

The Mithril Arrows can be improved also with Gronce Ironbright. Items needed:
- 1 Cave Lion Fur
- 1 Aurum's Heart
- 5 Mithril Nuggets
- 6 million gold

Level 35 char, regardless of AA levels: first improvement of the elven bow can be done, creating the Mithril-Enhanced Longbow. Talk to Negnar Farstriker at the Foundry (300 Mithril gift count needed). Items:
- 2 Mithril Nuggets
- 1 Mastery of Lightning
- 1 Wood from the Tree of Life (give an Aurum's Heart to the Apotecary Tree in Gathol Labirinth Delta to get the wood)
(Secret tip: if the exchange of an Aurum's Heart for the Wood is a problem, the use a Wooden Armour may work for that purpose instead of handing the heart)

Level 40 char, at least 16 AA: last improvement of the elven bow, creating the Bow of the High Forest. Quest is given again by Delawyn Selin at The High Forest, kill the Legendary Beast and returning its skin. Very, very hard monster, a party of Paragons is recomended.

After enhancing the elven bow at maximum AND having the Mithril Arrows improved, talk againg to Negnar Farstriker at the Foundry. A Mithril Quiver with arrows selection is given if the following items are provided:
- 5 Arcane Quivers
- 10 Mithril Dusts
- 1 Wish

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Complete Notes on Arcane Archers Empty Re: Complete Notes on Arcane Archers

Post  L0BSTER on Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:23 pm

This is a great asset to the library and it will help well when people are not sure about Arcane Archers were to find things or infomation. Smile Smile

Great Work. & Well Done with the detail.

You will recieve a publish contract soon.

all the best


Edit -

Pai Mei has recieved his publish contracts DONE!

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