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blessings and what to do with all that messy XP

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blessings and what to do with all that messy XP Empty blessings and what to do with all that messy XP

Post  barrance Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:16 pm

SO your lvl 40 and figure what to do with all that messy XP lying around everywhere. Some one says XP run and you might think to yourself HA i dont need that any more.

Well my friend think again. Have you been around when some well heeled player has announced blessing to all in the garden. where pray tell do those wonderful fellows bet those blessing rods,and what exactly do the get out of this generosity. Sure sure, the fellow adventures here are noted for thier philanthropy, and several times one or anouther has givin over used equipment or lead afore mentioned XP run, and then there is the most wonderful fellow that is always defeating the clone so all those hard working HCs get and extra1000 xp.

But in the case of blessings there is more to it then that. First a well informed participants most know to travel to the lower level of decay in the underworld, make it past all those blasted demons to get to the idol, not the one that gives the next key as well as several other useful items for the paltry price of you should ...or a portion of your XP.
there is another statue there that for the paltry sum of 10,000 xp will gift to you a blessing rod. or 10 for 100 k xp. AHHHHHH now you see that that xp gathered after lvl 40 might not be such  a waste of time. BUT THERES MORE

While you stood there in the garden and the one giving out blessings preformed that bit of magic did you think that the xp and gold came from the ether, don't you know EZ's first law of conservation, magic is niether created nor destroyed, but just changes form. So that gold and xp comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is the blesser him or her self. thus to be a successful blesser you must have XP and gold to go forth to your flock of recipients.

Again i acknowledge the generosity of my fellow !12dsors but we do reap a reword other then the good regard of our fellows. when given a blessing the blessed reward he who blessed them with soul candy, now as bob the skull has explained we give up parts of our soul frequently, when we love , when we care for others we freely give our soul candy away, so fear not this does not harm you in any way, a soul is a fast and wonderful thing. when collected this soul candy can a gain be converted to useable magic, you undoubtedly  by now know of the Celestial Heaven where you have found the smith who fashions the Celestial gear. Also occupying this most blessed area is the soul candy holder and collector. Use the collector of which there is one one the blessings hill to remove the candy from inventory and store untill needed (this is toon specific and is not shareable ). The collector will act as a vendor allowing to change you soul candy for other useful magics, these include but are not restricted to wishes and YES GREATER WISHES. There are other useful magics that can be obtained but i will let you discover these on your own, as well new are constantly being discovered.

So as you can see as with so much in life getttin to what you though was the end is just the beginning ,, as thie is not the end but it is AN END.



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blessings and what to do with all that messy XP Empty Re: blessings and what to do with all that messy XP

Post  L0BSTER Fri Jul 03, 2020 3:49 pm

Cool cool Smile Good book barry.

You will receive your publish Contract soon


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