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12 Dark Secrets - NPC Request Empty 12 Dark Secrets - NPC Request

Post  L0BSTER on Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:46 am

Since I started working on the 12 Dark Secrets Enhance Edition I have been given a lot of offers telling me.. If I need any help that players would be there to assist.. so now.. I really do need players help with this request and pretty much is simple..

What I need from Player is this :

From time to time could you speak to any NPC’s and check there dialogue some need cleaning - “Spelling” - “Grammar”
also there requests...  - are they important.. - does there request make sense and is it easy to understand?
If there request needs tweaking please make a note of it. ← like quests.

Also it would help to have - (The Area | NPC Name & Lines to reach that point in the dialogue.)

If I can get players to help me with this.. it will save me a huge amount of time. This task at the end of the day needs doing and 12ds does need Cleaning and Polishing.

All the best


PS.. - I need the name of the NPC’s that needs tweaking.
Plus a little text telling me what needs changing.

PPS - from 12 Dark Secrets and The Deep Places.. not the Immortal Realm. Smile

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