12 Dark Secrets update 30-07-2018

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12 Dark Secrets update 30-07-2018 Empty 12 Dark Secrets update 30-07-2018

Post  L0BSTER on Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:07 pm

This will be the last update for a while its small but it does have some changes that needed to be addressed.

When the players enter into Crossblades the area mini-map will fully open to them.

Some of the Loadstone 1-4 creatures have been tweaked and some more encounters.

*New Quest” Lord Wicks quest had been wrote in "Needs testing by players".

Crimson Death - some of the creatures in the area has been turned into encounters "work in progress"

Fix the Clone Aurum kill count to calculate the amount of deaths he has endured.
It use to shout - “Aurum's Clone has been destroyed over 10,000 times! Received EPIC Xps.”
well I have put one for 20,000 and 30,000 as well. At the moment Aurum has been kill “24,031” times – poor dragon lol

The Beryl Grotto creatures have been turned into encounters.

The Farmer has been given additional dialogue when you first meet him, and gives a little hint about the goblins.

Swarm Meteor spell - has been tweaked and enhanced, so if you have certain items in your backpack it will deal more damage.

*Another feature that you will need to find out yourself that has been fixed – the change will either make players a little upset or happy it was done.. you shall be the judge.

all the best


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