Pull up a chair and listen to my tale..

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Pull up a chair and listen to my tale.. Empty Pull up a chair and listen to my tale..

Post  O'renishi on Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:30 pm

They say the life of a Bard is a lucky one. Ha not me, for others may be, I tell my stories of monsters seen great fortifications, acts of courage to save plague infested outposts.
Getting the locals to part with their coin is hard these days since those Adventures started showing up in town, they ask for fame and their names carved on the entrance to were the beast was slain.
They tell the locals all treasure from the quests is expected, there has been several deaths due to unhappy adventures not getting a cut of the treasures.
I had planed to hire my services out to a dumb looking adventurer type but since they fitted a new well all who drink from it are getting quiet smart.
Only the other day I saw a farther throw clean across the room by his small son when he tried to get the son to do household chores.
This new well has even absorbed the magic from the water, and know this may sound like I have been drinking some dodge wine but it actually asks how it can improve your abilities.
A “balls of a juggling ogre” magic well, were those thick headed barbarians can actually get some intelligence, Lets just say my latest business idea was cut short when a great lumbering brute I had planed to cheat out his profits sat opposite me at the inn and wanted to talk about the finer things like wild flower arranging.
I shouldn’t laugh but some old mage spilt his drink at this conversation, then some stuck up cleric not looking were she was going went put both feet in it and went sliding right passed us all and finished with her backside roasting in the hearth.
I tell you the language from that cleric wow! I was able to add a few new insults to my knowledge, even for a few I had to part with some coin asking the well how she intended the mage to get that up there.
I will end my tale here but if I find away to get the better of the well I’ll let you know listeners, and if you feel like helping a wandering minstrel out I wouldn’t say no to a plate of spicy potatoes and good red wine.

Pandora Swift.

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Pull up a chair and listen to my tale.. Empty Re: Pull up a chair and listen to my tale..

Post  L0BSTER on Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:08 pm

Good Begining story for your bard  - It was sure an interesting read and it was amusing.

I look forward in hearing you next book storie in the future.

You will be given a book contract which will keep demon xp steal away.

Please use this once every reset to keep your self protected from evil.


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