The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018

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The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018 Empty The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018

Post  L0BSTER on Wed May 30, 2018 1:41 pm

12 Dark Secrets

.The Farmer in Eastlands will now pay you for killing goblins when you speak to him about it. (Could be useful in the future)

.The Sack of Anicent Dust has been changed so now the summons that come from it, have been buffed up so they stand more of a chance with you and help you along. the creatures will change every 10 levels.

.We now have a working Community Chest finally!! were players can share items with other players.

.The Crossblades Castle has been redecorated in a small way - ( more to be done in the future. )

.The Crimson Forge area has been re-designed and looks more darker inside.. when using the forge, you will now have to put three of a kind into the forge to upgrade to the next stage. from Crimson Blade I - IV you will need to put three of each. It won't work with just one. If a mistake is made no worries.. the forge will not destroy your blade if its incorrect.. it will just not work for players safety.

.The Ice & Flame Imps, respawn time has been lifted higher so they won't respawn so quick

.Gathol Labyrinth B area has been resized so.. its not so wide.

.The Laughing Demon in Coma will now have a chance to drop a Greater Wish in 1/4 chance.

.Some of the creatures have been turned into encounters. so the only way to get them to appear is if the play runs across those encounters. do not thing all the time that the monsters are not around. they just have been changed from standing around.

.I have changed some of the quest names of the items.. to allow players to know there quest items, these are highlighted as light-blue

.Around 99% of all NPC's in 12 Dark Secrets have been changed to waypoints. so that they will only start appearing when Players are in the area. this was done to reduce some lag of NPC's just standing doing nothing and using up memory.

.The town city with a name has a few more map pins to know which door leads were

.Some of the creature have had there Epic XP lifted, some creatures have been turned into encounters

.Slowly putting more helpful information for new players to point them to the right direction

.Some more work has been done on the sharks for low levels in the harbor, within the docks.

.The Demon Bone Ring now give more spell slots for casters for more spells for level 8 and 9

.The Gathol Labyrinth 90210 area, Ant's have been turned into encounters so when the player triggers them they will spawn and also the queen has been put there also to be part of these group.

.The Mithril damage for the Dwarven Waraxe is working on 12 Dark Secrets

.Made some changes to the Infinite Buff potion so now it should work properly.

.Made some changes to the blessing garden.

.The Statues in the portal plane have been renamed to locate were the portal will lead to. This was changed to allow new players to know which is which.

.Players can now buy bags which will help them store specific items to keep things clean in there backpack. there will be bags named "12 Dark Secrets Holding, UW Holding & Elderkind Holding".

.The UW Depresion doors now tell you if you desire which door leads to what Amulet.

************** End of 12 Dark Secrets ******************************

Deep Places

.Some scripts have been copied from 12ds and put into the Deep Places so they will work the same.

.The Community Chest has now been stored in Deep Places which is located in the Ruins of Mithirlfin

.The Dwarven Waraxe now has the mithril damage working and also being able to use the onself unique 1k HP

.Now players can now get the chance of getting the last set of the DD Set if they desire.

.When the player enters into deep places, they will be given the Mithril token to allow them to view the amount of Mithril they have handed in (but would need all 12 Secrets First)

*************************** End of Deep Places *********************


The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018 Immort10

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The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018 Empty Re: The 2nd of June Module's Update - 02-06-2018

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:01 pm

More Information to do with the upcoming update: June 2018

.Cleric/Druid's can now use "Storm of Vengeance" spell better in there battles against the Elderkind and deal some damage. (Testing Stage)

.The Dark's in Elderkind are now 25% easier to hit with melee weapons.

.Ambrose in the grove has now two new quests for players to do when your little board

.The Bee'man Store has been changed so.. only 1 appears and not random.

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