1st of April 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets update

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1st of April 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets update Empty 1st of April 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets update

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:08 pm

Firstly allow me to apologize for not being around recently, The study work has took a huge amount of my time and recently I have thought its time to test out this update before the next set of projects come rushing down. I was not going to do an update yet becuase of the remake of the Immortal Realm.. that is being worked on. and had to press pause Very Happy Very Happy

but I decide to update the version of what I have done so far.. so... here is what 12 Dark Secrets and Deep Places have been done to it, at this present time.


In the TCwaN: Docks, you will need to equip the water breathing ring ("This has been fixed") to enter the bottom of the harbour. You will not be allowed to enter if it’s only in your backpack.  

All the bard instruments are now 3x longer in there duration and also the bard feat "Lasting Impression" & "Lingering song" have been tweak also so that will seem longer as well, when you apply those to the bard.

The South Path 9 Pillars has had a tweak in its name and also there is a statue that helps in a hint.

Players can now convert a Greater Wish for an infinite buff potion which works the same as the Greater Wish for speed and usability. This can be done in the Wishing Well

The Umberhulks & Higna have changed so now they are more of a challenge so now players will be able to go to some were else to gain Epic XP instead of going to Brovo only.

The doors in Gathol Labyrinth 0000 0101 now does not lock so there is no need for keys you can open and close whenever you want.  

Edited the conversation to the Wandering Old Women in the dragon Inn which gives you some overheard information about a Dwarf amour.

The Library Area has been extended, so now there is a section were player builds can be found and will be in their own book cases, once sorted with more books.  

The Dark Knights and the leader has be altered now they are a little tougher. The gold amount has also been reduced on the Dark Knights.

The Deep Places

Made a start on the immortal realm put in some new areas and a few NPC's <--- Early stage..

The Infinite Potion works in Deep Places as well, and made sure it does.

The Mithril Rats area transition now works as a door way to go through and back.

Deleted unused areas and also shortened the area in the corridor.



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