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Post  Nordberg on Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:51 pm

One day, after a long day of grinding out some monsters, I decided to grab a brew in the Gargoyle Inn! I thought, 'Ehh, one wouldn't hurt'. A few hours later, I was feeling nice and needed some fresh air! I took a stroll around town. I needed to ask Lord Rockmore a question so I went to visit him. After everything was settled with him, I stumbled out his door and literally bumped into a girl. After picking her up off the ground, I asked what her name was and she just blurted out 'PROSTITUTE'. 'HUH, that's a strange name!' I said. I smiled and was feeling kind of adventurous, but right when I was about to say something else, I saw out of the corner of my eye a strange Back Alley in the North East corner of the town! Strange, I didn't see that there before.

I told the Prostitute to shove off and went to explore this strange alley. I was looking high and low around this area and finally noticed a gnarly old hag in the corner just staring at me. I was about to run, but I was curious. With my hand on my hilt, I approached her. I said, 'Woman, what is your name?!' 'Hillary the Hideous Hag', she squawked. I asked her what she has to offer around these parts? 'Four things I can tell you and four things only!' She said. I said, 'Umm, okay do it!' She said, 'Into my crystal ball I can look but it will cost 1000 gold!' 'Dammit,' I screamed into her face! Filled with intrigue, I shelled over the 1k. With an explosion of smoke, her crystal ball danced with light.

She cackled and spit and looked deep into my eyes! She said, 'Four things I can see and four things only!' 'I know, you already said that!' I said. With an awkward silence, she coughed and said, 'here are the four things I can tell you:
1. I can tell you how long you have been wandering around this world!
2. I can tell you if Aurum's Clone is alive and breathing at this time!
3. I can tell you where Gorg is and if he is alive and breathing
4. I can tell you how many times you have turned in Gorg's head and received an award!

'Wow!' I shouted! I didn't need any use for the other things, so I asked her how long I've been wandering around this world? She peaked into her ball again, and blurted out in a robotic voice '99780 hours you have been here!' 'That's fantastic and kind of sad at the same time' I sighed enthusiastically. With this news, I thanked her and went on my way out of the Back Alley. I needed a beer!

With this information, post how many hours you have. Like I said, mine is at about 99780 hours played on my account.

This was written by (HC) Sir Berg!


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Back Alley of Intrigue Empty Re: Back Alley of Intrigue

Post  L0BSTER on Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:23 pm

Good Good Smile

This Info book will come in handy

Well done - - - You will recieve your contract as soon as possible.


Edit - Nordberg has recieved his publish contract - DONE!

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