What would you like in the next update to come??

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Which one would you like to see to be worked on in the next update

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What would you like in the next update to come??

Post  L0BSTER on Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:45 pm

As it has come to my understanding that players have asked many questions are you "doing this or that" and pretty much your questions is what i need to do to fix or improve the server but... they are time consuming.

so I have made a list of what players would like to see in the "upcomming Next Update" to come. soo.. I am planning early to get an idea and a plan.

I need as many players to pick one of these options and I can go from there and we can work together what players would like to see or ideas.

When one of the selection gets the most points we can talk about what we can do with that update.

PLEASE PICK ONE!   <-- you do have the option to change your choice: the end date of this poll will be the "Begining of March."


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