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Post  Jackrabbit Slim on Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:09 pm

One day while exploring the mazes beneath Gathol I came across a hole in the wall amongst a nest of gargoyles. It was the perfect size for this dwarf so I thought, “what the heck!” and plunged through head first.

The first thing I noticed was the SMELL!  Even those putrid Bugbears in the Lodestone Mine had nothing on the stench in this place. Venturing down a short hall I came across a metal door and stepped inside. Before me were three men, all dressed in what I can only describe as a sort of black bondage outfit with spiky helmets and wielding very large ugly looking double axes. At once I realized it was these fellows from where that terrible stench was coming from.

Before I could ask when was the last time they saw anything resembling soap, the closest to me starts shouting “ALL SHALL FALL IN GLORIOUS DEATH!” and all three start running towards me swinging those double axes towards my head shouting it in unison!

Well, I planted my feet firmly in the ground, held up my shield and raised my Warhammer for battle. I’ll have to say, those rank boys put up quite the fight. By the end my shield was dented in a dozen places and my arm was stiff and sore from swinging my warhammer upside their heads!

Now what had gotten into those fellows I wondered? A quick check of their bodies revealed each carried a small purse containing 5,000 gold! A gold cult I thought to myself. What else could it be? There were no furnishings here, nothing on the wall, heck, not even a cot to sleep on could be found.

Gold fever got the best of me and I ignored the smell the best I could and went through another metal door on the back wall. Once again, three fetid gold cult bondage fellows awaited me. Each room I entered led to three more men, more gold and their constant unwavering chant “ALL SHALL FALL IN GLORIOUS DEATH!” The gold fever was fully on me now.

Finally, I entered a room containing not only three cultists but a fourth as well. You may think this old dwarf crazy but this fella had large red dragon wings sprouting from his back and a red dragon tail right above his behind!  Well, he was none to happy to see me and charged right at me yelling something about a “Silent Lord” and “Feel the Chill”. I ignored his rantings and introduced his head to my warhammer! Though a bit tougher then his smelly mates, in the end he met the same fate.

Reaching for his purse I was shocked to see it did not contain the usual 5,000 like every other, instead it contained 50,000! Also, inside was what that looked like an ordinary pot helmet but on closer inspection revealed a name inscribed inside, Wobian. It also had the the following powers:
Immunity to Mind Affecting Spells
Improved Evasion
Skill Bonus Parry +3

My gold fever quenched I made my way for the surface and fresh air.   In the weeks that have followed no matter how many times I’ve washed my gear, I cannot seem to get that blasted smell out!
I wonder if I ever will.

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Post  L0BSTER on Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:01 pm

black bondage outfit!!!Shocked Shocked Shocked lol! lol!

that was a funny story to read and well done for writeing it lol Smile

that was Brovo LOL Smile


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