2nd of January 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets & Deep Places

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2nd of January 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets & Deep Places Empty 2nd of January 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets & Deep Places

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:19 pm

Hello my wonderful 12ds'ers

The Deep Places has been recently updated with one of the new assets – allowing players to either have wings or tails on their toons.
There is a problem that if you take wings you would have to take off your cloak because it will just hide behind it.
And I can’t solve the problem at this time I am “Sorry”

In the area "Character Appearance" you will meet Saraphim she will only speak to you if you have a reasonable mith-count.

2nd of January 2018 - 12 Dark Secrets & Deep Places Saraph10

Now for the changes in 12 Dark Secrets - the bill board will also have the information as well.


• A new shout has been put in so that players that are level 40 and have at least one of their stats at 50 they will be called "Master".

• In the near future there will be a way to lift up your stats to 60.. and you will be called "Demi-God". I have put this in as a placeholder for the moment.

• From time to time most NPC's have been changed into waypoints by doing this it will reduce some sort of lag as much as it can so... everything little helps. I've only done about 30% of the NPC's at the moment.

• Once the players enter a certain area the NPC's will appear and last for 5 minutes unless the player leaves the area and re-enters. After 5 minutes the NPC's will disappear. So not panic just leave and come back again.

• The Wishes description has been changed and edited.

• Plane of Aurum: Aurum's Consorts & Beryl Grotto now have an Area cleaner that cleans up after players

• The Docks area has been reduced in size, players won't notice, this is to get rid of unnecessary space

• More Library books have been put in, that were wrote by the players.

• The beeman basement area has been delete out the module because it was not getting used and it was just another resource that was just not getting used.

• The Fightcraft area has been deleted out of the module becauase I have not seen players use it and it was just sitting there doing nothing. This was a hard decision to do but I hope it reduce some of the lag on the server.

•The Gatekeeper's that is guarding the UW will now not move if there are creatures or any battle within the temple.

• The gate in Loaded Die:basement has been unlocked so now players will be able to open it and get to the chest that contains the potions.

• The Immortal Mountain has been removed from the server because it does not have a purpose in 12ds part from just getting to the blessing garden. so instead the portal in the temple will just take you to the blessing garden for a shorter route.


If any problems happen please inform me in the "Bug report Section" and I will get onto it soon as possble - Thank you

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