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Aquisitions from the Golden Plane Empty Aquisitions from the Golden Plane

Post  Erikwithak on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:55 am

One afternoon, wile on a raiding party to the Cavern Of Power we had a chance meeting with the clone of Aurum.  A swift defeat left us with her golden eggs and some gold dragon blood dyes. I thought to myself , Golden dragon eggs would bring a pretty coin at the market. Off to town I went to get these appraised. To my surprize they had the ability to port me to haven once per day like the runes found on darks of the planes of Elderkind. I also learned of a local legend about a Golden plane. The Speakers would forge a special golden item for any and all who can forge a port key to the plane. That was all the detail of the legend I received. A bell went off in my head, I would have to return to kill another clone and then another. I know that the forge at the Lodestone mines always requires three items to make one. I figured three eggs would make the port key I needed. I was wrong! Three golden eggs makes a pound of gold which is a nice item to have, on use 10x per day Heal level 11, and 5x per day mass heal level 15. Back to the clone I went! and back... till I had 9 kills in all. after forging three pounds of gold. I was still unsure if I was doing the right thing to make this port key. Hells Bells! I threw all three pounds of gold in and pulled the lever. Hazza! I screamed. I had forged the port key to the Golden Plane. I wasted no time. I hit the button right then and there at the forge. I was swept away to a platform in a sea of mist. In the middle was a chest with all the the items I was able to choose. I decided on the Golden Helm which was one of the requirements to make my celestial helm.

submitted by "Lay it Down" Sally in hopes of winning a publishing contract Twisted Evil  jocolor

Golden Robes: usable by bard,cleric,druid,sorcerer, wizard
cloth armor
Enhancement bonus:+3 charisma
                             +3 Inteligence
Immunity: critical hits
Improved evasion
light bright (20m) yellow
regeneration: +5
skill bonus: spellcraft +10
Golden Ring:
damage resistance: electrical resist 50/-
immunity: death magic
               level/ability drain
light bright (20m) white
use: sunburst (20) 5x per day
Golden Helm:
damage resistance: cold resist 50/-
immunity to spell by level:level 6 or lower
immunity: critical hits
               death magic
               level/ability drain
improved save: universal +5
Golden Boots:
damage resistance: acid resist 50/-
enhancement bonus: Dexterity +3
improved evasion
improved save: reflex +5
                      universal +2
regeneration: +5
Golden Dagger:
armor bonus: +5 (deflection modifier)
damage bonus: piercing 10 damage
                      positive energy 20 damage
damage resistance: fire resist 50/-
enhancement bonus: +6
immunity: critical hits
               death magic
               level/ability drain
               mind-affecting spells
               sneak attack
Golden Kama:
attack bonus: +6
damage bonus: bludgeoning 6 damage
                      piercing 6 damage
                      slashing 15 damage
                      sonic 6 damage
enhancement bonus: +12
                               Dexterity +3
                               Strength +3
improved save: universal +6
skill bonus: discipline +10
use: heal (11) 3 per day
vampiric regeneration +5
Golden Staff:
attack bonus: +5
damage resistance: bludgeoning resist 15/-
                            piercing 15/-
                            slashing 15/-
immunity: knockdown
               sneak attack
skill bonus: concentration +20
bonus spell slot: bard 5th and 6th
                        cleric 8th and 9th
                        druid 8th and 9th
                        paladin 3rd and 4th
                        ranger 3rd and 4th
                        sorcerer 8th and 9th
                        wizard 8th and 9th
Golden Kite Shield:
armor bonus: +5 (shield modifier)
damage resistance: negative energy resist 5/-
immunity: critical hits
               death magic
               level/ability drain
               mind-affecting spells
               sneak attack
use: mass heal (15) 2 per day

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Aquisitions from the Golden Plane Empty Re: Aquisitions from the Golden Plane

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:56 pm

An amazing book that is helpful indeed.

Nice introduction on the "Golden Nugget" plus also telling us about the forge about how to convert them into somthing else and telling us about what is on the "Pound of Gold".

The information on the assets in the "Golden Plane" is good to know of what properties it has.

"Lay it Down" Sally will recieve the - Publish Contract soon.

Good Work Erik. Smile

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