Starting a (HC) character? Need help?

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Starting a (HC) character? Need help?

Post  Nordberg on Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:58 pm

Hello Peeps!

I'm starting this new HC character guide in case you needed some help getting started. Due to the item level requirements that the HC life has, this makes starting a new character very difficult and very tedious. Unless you want to start out fighting fire beetles in the east for several hours just to get to level two, this should help get things going a little more easily.

Here are some things that you may need before you get started.

Another character or a friend to help clear some areas and 10,000 gold (this is way more than is needed though - more like 4000)
One thing to know before we get started too is that the very first experience that the new character gets doesn't have the HC exp penalty. You get to keep it all!!!
Lastly, this 'trick' also has you logging out really quick after the last step so you get to keep even more experience. This will mean you have to wait until a server reset.

Okay, so you just made a new HC character and this is your first time you've logged in, go to Saw Orrior(spelling?!?) Temple and stand next to the podium. Log out and get your other toon to put in the 4000-10000 gold. Log out of this other toon and log in to the new HC toon.

Pick up the gold that was just put in the podium. Go to the Silver Mage to pick up 3-4 invisibility potions. Also, grab a 2000 gold contract from the construction guy in front of the temple. Enter the temple and use the portals to go to Room with 7 doors. Make sure Gorg hasn't spawned in this area. Go north to get the Wind Walker boot secret. Make sure you use a potion of invisibility so you can get buy all of the monsters. Once you have gotten the boots and are back in the portal room, level up to level 2. Remember, all that exp from getting the secret was not 'taxed'. If you 'accidentally' received some exp somewhere, this secret exp will be taxed and you won't level up.

Once you are done leveling, either get help or log in your other toon. The object here is to go to Gathol get a path clear of monsters so that the new HC toon can get to the palace. If you get help, stay back so that the higher level toon can clear the way. For this step, you are trying to get the secret in the palace. The secret in the palace is a magical sack. This has the power to summon an Urth. The Urth has damage reduction on it. It comes very helpful in certain areas. So, back to the secret. Once the path from the palace to the secret is clear, go get the secret and make sure you pick up the sack. Once you see that you have the experience, log out quickly! Unfortunately you will need to wait for the next server reset. Once that is complete, you will be able to keep all of the second secret's experience as well. This will boost you up to level 3! So, that is it, 15-20 minutes of work and you have a fresh lvl 3 HC toon that can summon an Urth.

Now where to go? My favorite place to go is Gathol 0110101010010110. The Urth can not get hurt due to the damage reduction. Just have the Urth fight your fight! Once you get to lvl 7, you can pick up the Ettin Bone Necklace and you won't need the Urth any longer!

Hopefully this helps some people. Sorry it's a little unorganized. Thanks for reading.

(HC) Tristar


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Re: Starting a (HC) character? Need help?

Post  L0BSTER on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:33 am

Nice starting story for (HC)'s.

I will give you the publish contract soon, when i get the chance.

ps - Could you add some detail about the "(HC) amulet" <-- this will be helpful also in there adventures.


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