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Post  L0BSTER on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:00 am

L0BSTER Tasks ---

Easy to do / Fix ..........................................

.If changes are made to 12DS, make the changes to the 12ds weekend xp module <--- don't think we need it player seem to be playing fine

.Put an area cleaner into Elderkind - Consorts

.Deep Places Master Brytak - put in the scripts for the mithril ring for the Kama's and Dwarfen Axe.

Takes time to do/could be done .....................................

.Need to make more books to explain to players who are new or regular of  - ("Character builds, Feats, Skills to take, Weapons that could suit them").

. There is not many books explaining Deep Places and what is within or what you can do.

. looking through the back end of the world and cleaning messy scripting code & delete what is just taking space and not been used. "null"  

. look through the module and get a feel if some changes can be made "updates" whether its XP problems or creatures that needs to be looked into.

look more into the code that is working, but try and move the code to a differnt source and reduce the amount of lines in a script which could lag the module. "OnActive" <-- main problem.  half done

. Some players use more than one CD key: Need to make either an item that is in your backpack to give you the option to add another CD Key to that account "would need to write up an understanding manual of the steps to take to make this work"  <-- need to know if it would be safe?? to do this.

. Create a map of locations within 12 Dark Secrets, through a mini-maps which is combined to make a larger image - to help places know were to go are were places are.

. Make more quests for players to do in 12 Dark Secrets

Impossible needs more look into plan .....................................

.Merge the module of the 3 worlds into one "alot of work around doing it" <-- con't be done.

.finding a way to get both servers 12ds and deep places to reset at the same time. "NWNx2 only works with one world"
still have to manual work with Deep Places <--- needs solving becuse time is not on my side with this problem....

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