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Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf Empty Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf

Post  Demondwarf on Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:20 pm

Us dwarfs do not fear the dead! We have spent centuries fighting and destroying the beasts of the Underworld! During this time we have come across some strange and dangerous creatures that seem to be carrying weapons or items of great strength. I Demon Dwarf have a itemised list of these items passed down through many generations of my family and also some tips on how to slay these foul creations of the devil himself!

There is two locations to get to this vile place. A dark and terrifying fellow called The Gate Keeper appeared one day in the Temple and made a agreement to open a portal so that Champions, Hero, and Paragans of our world could Enter at there own risk! But this is not the only entrence available to us! a young adventurer seeking death can also find a secret enterence in the forest road protected by Hounds of Hell ready to tear you limb from limb!

Gates Demons - These creatures are huge red sword grasping monsters. Determined to finish you of with Implossion before you even get a chance to touch a scale on there body! BEWARE though when these creatures die they explode with powerful dark magic that can blast flesh from bone!
Warriors - They are weak against divine damage! So archers find those divine arrows and the best I have seen was a Paladin of such power using Glowing Hammers of Mithril smashing there skulls like they were the fire beatles of eastland!
Mages - They do not like Death Magic! Get those Wail of the Banshee or Finger of Death spells ready! My young cousin Stumpy has been seen destroying these before they get a chance to even smell his blood!
Clerics/Druids - You that worship the Sun gods are the bane of all creatures evil and dangerous! Get those Sunbeams or Slay living spells ready. They are super powerful and punishing to these creatures!
Items found - Bastard Sword +4. Demons Tooth Bastard Sword, Demon Blood.

End of Hope- The Leader of the demons of the gates! Unlike his kin he has a spell calling down a beam of heat that can destroy adventurers in one hit! My father found that having negative energy protection could stop him from scorching your body.
Luckily the way of destroying him is exactly the same as fighting his lesser warriors.
Items found - GP, Bastard Sword +4, Demons Tooth Bastard Sword, Demon Blood, Key to Despair

Futilitys Champion - When fighting these creatures they spend all there effort trying to control your mind. If they suceed they will quickly destroy your mind whilst you stand unaware of what is happening. Many young dwarfs in my command failed to take necessary steps whilst fighting these and met a sticky end! Rumour has it that Marvel wore a helmet capable of resisting such effects of the mind!
Warriors - Bash bash and bash again! Divine damage is super effective again!
Mages - Death magic is the way again if your not turned into a dribbling shell of the man/woman you once was! Stumpy likes to show of during our hunts by having them all follow him and with one great spawn of the Banshee herself destroying them all in one hit! He is a strange dwarf using such magic but we are grateful for his power!
Clerics/Druids - Like the previous demons. Sun damage and Slay living is the way with these! gather them up and Sunbeam them if you can survive the mind control!
Items found - GP, Hammer of Power
TIP: The young clerics and Paladins in my command use this hammer. Untill you get friendly with the strange dwarven folks in The Deep.

Necrotic Cube - These are strange creatures. It seems when ever you hit them they reflect all damage back on you as negative damage. When I first saw one I assumed it was a mindless beast but do not be so foolish. They can be deadly.
Warriors - Use that Negative protection. If you do not have it get ready to heal a lot as they can hurt.
Mages - Either use Bigsby Grasping hand and damage shields or if you have high enough Int a quick Wail of the Banshee will turn this Jelly into water!
Clerics/Druids - Call down the heavens to smite these foul beasts!
Items Found: Rotting Mushroom (Key to next area) low drop rate

UW Decay/Quarantine
Putrid Demon - These zombie like creatures may seem slow but they pack a punch. They are deadly and hit fast with negative damage. Unless you have a lot of HP you will want Negative protection before engaging one!
Warriors - Take them one by one! If they can hit you they can hurt you. Negative protection is a must as they hit with negative and they reflect your damage back as negative damage also! Sharpen those weapons but be smart to!
Mages - Throw that negative protection up! Get the damage shields cast and run around the enitre zone letting them hit you! Banshee and Finger of death also work but Stumpy has had issues with them resisting this a lot!
Clerics/Druids - Gather them up if you want to use Sun Beam to fry the rotten flesh or take them one by one with those Slay living spells!
Items Found - Tractous's Helm
TIP - This Helm is needed for the Celestial helm so is good for anyone. BUT Clerics and druids be aware it is a very good helm for you to adventure using! Many dwarfs wear this as it improves spell casting amounts!

Contagion - Undead Monks of the UW. These are fallen warriors brought back to life by the Devil himself! They move slow but strike fast with two negative damage Kama. If you let that negative protection drop you are as good as dead!
Luckily although they strike faster they die just the same as the Putrid Demons and will not cause much trouble if you use your brains! Could be hard for you Elven scum!
Items Found - 20,000 GP (Seems these monks kept some gold to themselves, not as pure as we first thought!)

At the end of Quarantine we found two statues called Soul Eaters.
The one on the left promised great items for all adventurers but it would cost you!
Not only does it cost you in blood (xp) to get these items but also when you wear them it drains the life (xp) from you slowly!
Items found on Left Soul Eater - String of Maggots (Key to next area), Gloves for all classes, A Demon Cloak, Patterns for Demon Armor.

The Soul eater on the right was a sneaky one. One soldier made his pact with it for some Great wealth paid to him in the Rubies from the devil! But beware of the cost. It takes all power from you making you forget all that you have learnt! (removes all xp you have back to level 1)

UW Disease

Wasted Carcass - I could not believe my eyes! Skeletal dragons! These beasts haunt us dwarfs when we are alive wanting our gold and destroying our mines! But now they are undead as well! It cost me a lot of adventurers inside this vile place but we found a way to once again lay waste to these beasts!
Warriors - Negative protection up. They call down great beams of heat that melt the armor from your body otherwise! Strike them down with Divine damage and keep your eyes on your buffs dropping!
Mages - Stumpy likes to use finger of death on them. It is very powerful and you can see the white light leave them!
Clerics/Druids -  Sunbeam or Finger of death.....I am starting to see a pattern with these Holy Fellows!
Items Found - Demon Guts
TIP - The Demon Guts bring a lot of gp if sold but be aware...Those stinky elven folks can use them to re-string a Steel bow to make a weapon that can cause the demons a lot of trouble!

Sterile Demon - This one made my skin crawl....a Spider! But not just any spider...a Demon Spider! Somehow this spider was the leader of the undead dragons. It used the same beams of heat but much faster and many more times! But it is slain just as its Dragon puppets. Warning! It explodes when it dies so beware of that!
Items Found - Lifeless Sand (key to next area), 50,000 GP (where did the spider keep it? He has no pockets)

UW Desolation
Searing Demon - At first I thought it was my dwarven kin, but it was all a plan to fool me. These dwarfs with flaming skulls throw disks of fire that can cause major damage to adventurers.
Warriors - Keep that Negative protection up and take them one group at a time! Otherwise they will be using your body like a target for practice!
Mages -  Death magic is the way with these. Damage shields are no good as they hit you with throwing weapons.
Clerics/Druids -  Take them one group at a time using Sun Beam or Slay living also works on them.
Items Found - Searing Disks

In this zone you will see some little stone tablets scattered around the zone. These have to be clicked to find the key to the next area! The problem is once you click them the sun beams down and ruins all your fun!
TIP - Use neg damage protect before touching a rune to negate the damage and laugh in the devils face!
Items Found on Runes - Sacred Symbol dagger, Rune of Misbelief (key to next area)

UW Delusion
Nightmares - These are very strangely named. Unless you fear badgers or chickens that is! Do not be fooled by these clucking and barking mini critters though. They pack a punch!
Warriors - Hit them with those Mith weapons or anything with divine damage! Watch out though some of them explode!
Mage - Damage shields or death magic is the Stumpy way! Wail of the Banshee seems to make them quake where they stand.
Clerics/Druids - Do what you have done all the UW so Far...Sun Beam Sun Beam Sun Beam!
Items Found - Demon Bone Ring, Melencholy Rose (key to next area), UW Rubies, 5000-10000GP

Stumpy says he found a book shelf hidden in this place. His puny fairy had to open a lock and all he found was a blank book. What does a demon need a blank book for?

UW Depression
This place has to be faced alone! This is where many of my warriors got lost or killed. It seems to be a maze of rooms with words written with blood on the doors! Here is what I have found out about the different doors.

Ignorant Door
Homely Demons - Behind this door I found these demons hiding. They remind me of the Dragons I saw in Disease. They die the same to! Keep that Negative protect up of get ready for 3rd degree burns!
Warriors - Smash them to bits with that divine damage!
Mages - Death magic is the way with these beast!
Cleric/Druid - Slay Living is the quickest way.
Items Found - Rods of Ressurection

Feeble Door
Gruesome Demons -  They carry swords but hit like very angry butterflies. Not very powerful but very fast!
Warriors - Can reflect damage so Neg protect before you hit them to be safe.
Mages - Let the Banshee do all the work.
Cleric/Druids - Slay living works like a dream on these. You holy folks are quite violent!
Items Found - 10,000GP

Ugly Door
Repulsive Demons - What is Satan's Obsession with spiders. These 8 legged critters scream negative damage and it hurts a lot!
Warrior - Can be difficult to hit but if you can hit them. It is the same as before HIT THEM!
Mages - Finger of Death is great on these. Stumpy gets great joy from watching the life escape spiders. Creepy beasts!
Cleric/Druid - Sun Beam or Slay living. Strange a druid hurting a living creature I know but these spiders are far from living I promise you!
Items Found - 5,000GP

Stupid Door
Ugly Demons - Satan named these well they are very ugly! They can dispel magic, hit hard and Cast a spell called Ruing that scorches the skin!
Warrior - Do not let negative resist drop. They explode when you have finished with them!
Mages - Banshee them and watch them pop like fireworks!
Cleric/Druid - Sunbeam them or Slay living. You are the bane of the Ugly!
Items Found - 15,000GP (They are flush for ugly ones)

Klutz Door
Hidious Demons - Must be brother with the Ugle Demons as they are equally vile to behold! These cast a spell called Implossion. I hear stories of a item in the deep University that can make you immune to this spell. Will have to send Stumpy to see.
Warriors - Here is where you shine! They love a good club to the head and they are weak!
Mages - No Death magic here...They are Immune (sad face) Raise the damage shields and let them kill themselves hitting you!
Cleric/Druids - Sun Beam only here. Slay living does not effect them!
Items Found - 12,500GP

At the end of all these areas there was a chest that needed to be unlocked. I found a goblet that was the key for the next area and Necklaces in the chests that buffed certain stats for adventurers. Here is a list of what door gives what Neck Item...

Ignorant - Wisdom
Feeble - Strength
Ugly - Charisma
Stupid - Intelligence
Klutz - Agility

Trust the demons trying to confuse us with the names on the door! Good job Stumpy was angry by being called stupid!

UW Decadence/Den of Iniquity
Thise area was filled with similar Demons to UW Depression. I will not write how to kill these ones as it is a waste of my parchment so just see above. There was a few new Demons though and I will tell you how to destroy them!

Drunken Demon
- A floating skull that hits fast and explodes when it knows death is near! They gather in groups and when one goes it can trigegr the next and before you know it your whole party is laying dead!
Warriors - Make sure the negative damage is on you before striking them. If one explodes you might survive but if it triggers another its game over!
Mages - Death magic can work on these but they resist it a lot. Best raising those damage shields and letting them hurt themselves trying to kill you. They are pretty stupid!
Cleric/Druid - As with mages Slay living can work but they resist a lot! Use Sun Beam to get them all as a group but make sure they dont explode close to you if you dont have Neg protect up!
Items Found - 15,000 GP

Corpulent Demons - Giant floating Beholders! Where does the devil find such beast! They cast Ruin repeatedly so unless you want skin redder than a fire beetle I suggest you find a way to Negative protect yourself!
Warriors - Bash them in with divine damage but watch out for the Negative damage dropping. If they get a chance they will scorch you!
Mages - Stumpy likes to cast Bigsby Grasping hand on them as this stops them casting ruin!
This angers them and makes them hit you, get those damage shields up and let them finish themselves of!
Cleric/Druid - Sun Beam unless you are strong enough to fight them hand to hand. No death magic here I am afraid!
Items Found - Bad Diagnosis (Key to next area), Demon Horn, Demon Skin, Demon Scales, Demon Hide, Soulgem & GP

The devil is a sneaky beast and so in these areas he likes to enhance his warriors so that your usual plans do not work. You have to figure these out as they come but most will not cause much of a issue. Just more Health or Hit faster. Some can be immune to magic though so Stumpy walks them to Ugly Demons or Drunken Demons so they explode and kill each other!

UW Decline/Severe Decline/Coma
This area has the same Demons as Decadence/Den but a few new ones that can cause issues for us dwarfs! I hate to admit it but I once saw a Elven Arcane Archer use arrows of Mithril to make these Demons explode with such beauty! The new demons are as follows....

Hybrid Demons - Now he has Purple Dragons that are very much alive! Breathing waves of Negative damage. I wonder if the Skeletal Dragons are what happens when we destroy these?!?
Warriors - Strike them down with Mithril Hammers. You will need to be very powerful otherwise it may take a long time to destroy even one of these!
Mages - Use that Grasping Hand spell and let them kill themselves on your damage shields. You will need to keep casting Grasping Hand as the area dispels them very quickly.
Cleric/Druid - Sun Beam them but watch out they can sometimes come in pars and you can quickly be overwhelmed.
Items Found - One Interlocking Demon Scale.
TIP - A belt can be made by forging 27 of these together!

Morbid Demon
- These look like Corpulent Demons but they do not act the same. They do Similar to Hyrbid Demons and they are destroyed the same as well. I will not rattle on and tell you how to kill these.
Items Found - They drop nothing! What kind of black magic is this? Waste of my time!

Laughing Demon - How dare a demon Laugh at a dwarf! I found great joy in destroying this over excited beast! But he was a bit tougher than I expected.
Warriors - Hit him hard and hit him fast. Negative protection needed as he reflects damage. He also hits very hard and very fast so watch that.
Mages - Damage shields up and let him beat on you. Carry plenty of Potions of Heal as he packs a punch.
Cleric/Druids - Sun Beam and Heal. That Simple
Items Found - Grinning Skulls (Even after death I have to be laughed at by this Demon?)

I thought this would be it! Such a strong beast surely is the boss of the UW. But no we found a new key! A statue of a Dragon that attracts you and makes you want to grasp it! Beware though. Instant death is the punishment for doing so! But what you get for such bravery is amazing.
Items Found - Lifes End (Key to Death!) This also has the power to call a warrior of death to aid you in battle. There is rumours the devil hid items that can enhance him but I leave that to stumpy. I do not dabble in magic! A bloody gift from the Elves!

I sent my most powerful friends into Death and they have not returned. I fear they may never come back! For now I will keep training these dwarfs myself and get them ready for soon we will go find them!

As we venture deeper into Hell I shall update this so future adventurers can find a way to continue the work started by Demon Dwarf! There are many more doors and many more ghastly demons awaiting me!

Demon Dwarf

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Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf Empty Re: Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf

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That is a "Perfect Informal book" I love it Very Happy

Here is a Deal! Complete this book of Under-World "the same way" from
(9Gates to Coma "don't have to do "DEATH") and I will give you:

2 Publish contracts and 2 Greater Wishes!

also once it is finished it will go into the 12ds world Library

WELL DONE! - This is the type of book I am looking for!


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Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf Empty Re: Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf

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Updated 02/09 next two areas added!


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Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf Empty Re: Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf

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Updated 03/09 Updated up to Coma. Will change/Add new advise or Tips as I find them. For Now Book Finished!


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Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf Empty Re: Welcome to HELL! by Demon Dwarf

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