A companion for us nature loving Folk

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A companion for us nature loving Folk

Post  Erikwithak on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:39 am

One fine afternoon wile searching for the twelve dark secrets, heading down the south path out of the city with a name. I ran into an old lady that was looking for her lost dog Fido. I decided to help her, since I have some expertise with handling animals. Wile looking for Fido I stumbled into the druids grove. I decided to ask Ambrose the the leader of the druids if he had seen the lost dog. Unfortunetly he did not. Wile speaking with him I mentioned that I was a nature lover and to my surprize he offered me an item called Mahogany bug. I come to find this item would once per day grant me the ability to summons a ranger's animal companion that grows with my experience . he also told me about an exotic herb he has for druids that does the same. i was so excited to meet my new pet that I almost forgot about the old ladies dog. I then rushed back to south path to find Fido. He had got himself mixed up with a pack of wild dogs. My new pet and I quickly dispatched them and I was able to empathize with the dog and persuade to follow me back to his owner. The old lady was so thankful that she insisted on rewarding me with an old ring that Fido had dug up. It was a shiny ring that seemed to reduce damage when I get hit in combat. What a Face

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Re: A companion for us nature loving Folk

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:53 pm

Informal story nice.

I will give you a publishing Contract when I get the chance.


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