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Post  L0BSTER on Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:55 pm

I have recently came across some old players that are recreating there old toons and this fine.

but the problem with doing this is that , those old toons has been used in the old database I am using at the moment
and it is causing problems trying to do the library quests from the start.

I propose the only way i can think of  - is editting them manually in the database and "yes it is alot of work" but it is also worth it becuase the other alternative is to delete the recent up to date database and this will pi** off alot of people work. so... pretty much I have decided to do it this way.  

What I would like you guys to do is -

Your Account Name -
Your Character Name -

only if you would like to use an old character name.

if you use a different character name then you will be fine.


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