A guide to new adventurers

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A guide to new adventurers Empty A guide to new adventurers

Post  Warchief Gargen on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:51 pm

To any new players on the server, I am sure that this new world may be strange and confusing as to where you must begin. Well you see, the endtimes are upon us so we must discover the 12 Dark Secrets and take the fight to the Elderkind on their home plane. How do we accomplish this you might ask? Well here is a starter's guide on where to begin.

First creating a character:

All classes are viable and can all be very deadly end game as you progress in levels and experience on the server. Some classes however are easier than others first starting out. Recommended classes for brand new adventurers are as follows: any melee class (Barbarian Fighter etc.), Paladin (separate because of some end game class secrets), Monks and archers (although their gear can get a little expensive).

All caster classes are amazing for end game content but may struggle from 1 - 20 so keep this in mind. Rogues as well are great but require certain class secrets to really excel.

Second where to begin:

If you can afford it, find the magic imbler in town and buy a potion of invisibility. If you have 50 gold left over after that, enter the temple and enter the portal plane. Take the sphere portal and head north through the transition at the doors (if you see a monster named Gorg drink your invis pot here and make haste). Next drink your invis pot once you reach the first light if you have not already then proceed towards the center of the map by taking the light portals. The final light portals closest to the center will take you to a random light near the center. If you do not reach the center light on the first try, keep clicking the light that it ported you to until you reach the center and head up the ramp to the chain. Talk to the wraith in the corner and speed through the dialog to get permanent haste boots and 2000 xp. Do not level yet. Equip your boots and quickly make your way back the way you came before your invis runs out.

If you do not have the gold to get an invis pot, then you can either ask a friendly player for assistance or instead proceed south of town until you reach Crossed Blades (just follow the road). You can either head to the top right corner of the map and take the transition towards the Great Owl's tower for your first Dark Secret (and 1000 xp) or bottom right corner (head up the hill to the far right of the map) and talk to the hermit who also gives you a Dark Secret and 1000 xp. Once you have your first 2 secrets, head to the Eastlands (East of The City With a Name) and talk to the farmer beside B-I-N-G-O the dog. He will tell you of goblin troubles so be a good adventurer and help him out. Once you help him, he will tell you where to go next.

From here, the world is yours to explore and the rest of the secrets are yours to find. If you ever get lost as to where to go next to find your next secret, talk to the Great Owl again and ask for information on the 12 Dark Secrets and he will tell you where to go. If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forums and a seasoned adventurer should reply or ask in game if people are on.

Submitted as a book for (HC) Warchief Galnorath Gargen

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A guide to new adventurers Empty Re: A guide to new adventurers

Post  L0BSTER on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:41 pm

Well done Warcheif I look forward seeing your next books in future time.


You will recieve a Booking Contract soon.

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