12 Dark Secrets Enhanced edition - 1st of January 2019

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12 Dark Secrets Enhanced edition - 1st of January 2019 Empty 12 Dark Secrets Enhanced edition - 1st of January 2019

Post  L0BSTER on Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:25 am

Here is the list for the upcomming version for the 12 Dark Secrets Enhanced edition....

.A new Portal rune has been made, when players enter into "TCWAN" there old portal rune’s will be replaced.

.Within The Merappi's Basement, Ezpickens Avatar have been given a shadow glow appearance which was planed long ago by WardenWolf.

.Depending which area you are in.. Deep Places will portal you back to the selected waypoints which would work like the other server..

.Your portal stone will not always work OR portal you back to the portal plane.

.The cleric/druid spell - Earthquake has been tweaked.. it will seem a little stronger in damage depending on the creature reflex save..

.The sign outside Merappis tells players that this corridor leads to Merappis.

.I did some tweaking to Iron Bright dialogue, so he does not take 5 Mithril nuggets for the Mithril Rune. plus edited his text as well based around the grammar.

.The Mithril Rune has now been deleted.

.Five new Double Axes have been created. - Double Flame Axe which is sold in town and Double Head Slice can be acquired in the third speaker plane.

.The dark knight leader will have a random chance of dropping a double handed axe if players want to use double handed axes in there builds.

.The Celestial Double Handed Axe has been put in so now you have that option to get a Double handed axe if they desire.

.The Mithril Double Handed Axe has been designed and scripted for players to access in 12 Dark Secrets. this will give the players the opportunity to continue there Double Axe feat users. ← No Access yet needs to be written for a storyline.

.I made some tweaks to the conversations on “New Player guide” & also the city captain also explaining some of his dialogue.

.I did some tweaking to the server shout were every 10 minutes it would display the number of players in Deep Places and IR, those two parts have been deleted out, now it will only display the number of players in 12 Dark Secrets.

.The Knowledge Potion has been designed and made into 12ds, when the players uses the potion it will Identifiy all items and take the cost of 100gp each. The bottle has been put into the private shop in crossblades.

.Crossblade has now a new building which will be the banking system were players can store there money and items.  

.Added a new area below the Forest Road: Ancient Caverns which would make, that secrect more feel like a secret that was found. the new area is called "Forest Road: Ancient Caverns Lower Depths" it holds two new creatures. I have trasfered the secret script to below that level instead of the top level of the map. the old way was just not right in the design of it.

.I have lifted the last dragoneye maximim bottle count from 10 to 20 to give the players the option to lift it up higher.

.The bank area now has a personal chest were players can take out items for themselves only and it can be access by there other toons which means its account bound,

.the gold keeper now stores players gold which is stored on the database but it is only limited to one toon, if you go with another toon the gold amount will not show up.

.Within the Corridor of Fire the giants and other creatures has had there respawn time lifted from 10 minutes to 30 minutes because of the respawn times were to fast and players were only half way done in the area and the creatures would have been respawned well before they have cleaned the area.

.The Wishing well has had its conversation altered so that it won't display and allow players to lift up there stats any longer.(You will need the assistance of a DM to help you by raising your stats any higher)

.The Umberhulks will now drop some gold once it dies.

.Players will now be limited on were they will be aloud to jump to based on were the leader is. All areas within "Deep Places" will not be jump-able you will have to walk there.

.Within the Deep Places the Rats Nest creatures has has there stats reduce and players will now stand a chance and fight alone. the level range will be 25+

.Within the Gathol Labyrinth BR549 - the gargoyles have been altered, they are now more of a challenge to players. the levelling range is around 10 - 17. they now drop some awards ondeath.

.Went through the on death script and fixed the 2x drops on some of the spawn creatures.

.Added 3 new books into the library to continue the collection of what players wrote.

.the Crystal guard's, challenge raised to give players a little more XP when they die.

.(The Dragon Lair inn), - in Crossblades there is a waypoint which will send your character to, instead of hanging in the doorway when coming out of the Inn.

.I have put in some more toon build books with the kindness of Erikwithak for allowing his toons to be displayed for players use for a reference. Also to mention with the help from Pitoni for putting more toon build in.

.Made Eastlands goblins a little easier for new players.

.the spell "Sunburst" (druid,sorcerer/wizard) has been tweaked it will cause a little more damage than normal.

.Put a sign into the Giant hills because of the frost giants level 8+ - to make new players aware.

.The Temple of Saw Orroyo has now got a (AFK) area for player to go to, if they want to use it.

.The Community chest amount has been lifted from 50 items to 100 items. ← trial and error

.. (Also a special thanks to Karioki for the assistants for the spelling and Grammar in 12 Dark Secrets)  

.The Docks - Harbor Bottom, the sharks has had there AC/HP reduce for low levels.

-- Additional info ---

The chest opens and closes now in animation, there is a piller there which will reset community chest if it gets stuck left open.

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