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A tale about punches Empty A tale about punches

Post  Isendel on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:37 am

The first time I've read about this realm was through the letters of my old brother Isendel Dalhart. He used to write us now and then, telling us stories about about his adventures, how he became a hero in this lands, his everlasting hunt to Gorg and even the most crazy story about dying and ressurecting as an immortal hero to fight the Elderkind.
It's been a few years since we received his last letter. They stoped to arrive without further notice and I couldn't hold it. I had to come and follow his path. I had to know what really happened to him.
Among the places Dalhart described us, Gathol and its labyrinths intriged me the most. I remember myself making sketches from his descriptions of the fantastic creatures who lie over there. It was an easy decision to go there as soon as I started to search for information about my brother.
The big problem was to arrive there... After running back and forth after the so called "Dark Secrets", I found a way from Crossed Blades and heading south, until I reached the Gathol Woods.
That was a good sign! I was on the right path. Until I saw that crazy White Ape run in may direction and punch me! And oh boy, what a punch. I swear I saw stars flying all over!
So I fired a few arrows right at its knee and run away for my life. And I didn't stop until I reached the tavern in Crossed Blades. After a day like that I needed some strong ale and fix the wounds.
At the tavern, a fellow adventurer aproched me and offered me his drink.
- Here, you seem to need it more than me - he said.
- Thank you, misterrr...
- It doesn't matter, you are too drunk to remember. Just take this and read it tomorrow.
He handed me a piece of paper, which i found in my pocket the other day. The note said:
"Saw you running from South Path. Appes, ha?
Do this: take east exit on Eastlands. Find necklace inside ettin box.
Punches won't hurt anymore.
Afraid of giants there? Take invisibility potion! Wink "
I did that, and after my revenge against the apes I was able to see the incredible creatures of Gathol... I just need to remember next time to remove the necklace before entering Gathol because, man, those warhoon bolts hurt!

This tale was written by Isendel NowAnArcher for a publishing contract Smile

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A tale about punches Empty Re: A tale about punches

Post  L0BSTER on Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:35 pm

Good Story..

I look forward in reading your next one in the future, I am sure you will have more tales to share.

You will be given a book contract when I get the chance.


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